Life-Saving Information

In times of emergency, everyone is under pressure; living in fear and uncertainty. The people affected look for guidance and reassurance. People with disabilities and the elderly experience even greater stress. We can help by ensuring that important life saving information is available, and in accessible formats, so that people who are visually impaired, deaf, motor impaired, or with cognitive disabilities can access information like everyone else. The information – and the solutions offered – need to be customized to meet their needs and consents.

Purple Vest is addressing gaps, when critical information is not available. And leveraging materials of other partners, wherever it already exists. If you feel that important information is missing, or if you have important information to share,
contact us.

Translation into sign language

How will you know that your home is accessible?

Access to information – during an emergency

What to take when leaving the house during an emergency?

Accessible Rescue

Accessibility Training for humanitarian aid centers

Help And Supplies

Watch: tutorial videos – How to do it right

Become a Purple Vest Partner

You can become a Purple Vest Partner and join the initiative remotely from your own country location, or participate on the ground in an area in emergency. You can also help by spreading the word and/or donating to the cause.