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When the Purple Vest Mission began its operation we thought the goal is to get all people with disabilities and elderly out of their houses for safety – leaving no one behind. We soon understood that the essence of leaving no one behind is not forgetting them even if they chose to stay behind. There are people with disabilities and the elderly who want to stay at home, in their familiar environment and not move to another safe place. In these cases, we have to give them help and support to their house because most of them are not mobile and cannot reach points where help can be obtained. Click here to learn how to do it…

Sign Now is happy to cooperate with Access Israel in promoting accessibility for the deaf community in
Israel and around the world.
We work to make public space accessible for 90 million deaf people and at no cost to the deaf.
Using technology, we have developed, we enable ‘accessible video’ to any company and government in
the world that wants to make its customer service accessible.
We currently operate extensively in Israel with companies such as Partner and Big, alongside
government ministries such as the Ministry of Health.
After helping the deaf from Ukraine through the app to escape the war and immigrate to Israel – we are
looking forward to creating international social change for 90 million deaf people worldwide.

Accessibility of Ichilov Hospital in Israel:

Attached information on our assistance to the deaf in Ukraine to immigrate to Israel during the war:

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Assisting Apps and Technologies for Emergency Times

Translation into sign language

How will you know that your home is accessible?