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Sign Now is happy to cooperate with Access Israel in promoting accessibility for the deaf community in Israel and around the world.

We work to make public space accessible for 90 million deaf people and at no cost to the deaf.

Using technology, we have developed, we enable ‘accessible video’ to any company and government in the world that wants to make its customer service accessible.

We currently operate extensively in Israel with companies such as Partner and Big, alongside government ministries such as the Ministry of Health.

After helping the deaf from Ukraine through the app to escape the war and immigrate to Israel – we are looking forward to creating international social change for 90 million deaf people worldwide.

Sign Now in 60 seconds:

From Forbes article:

“In the Refugee center in Presymsl two volunteers came with a elderly Ukrainian lady who appeared very distraught. It turns out she was deaf and no one around understood what she was trying to say. She had travelled a long way and looked exhausted. Once we understood the situation we called an Israeli start-up called SignNow who provide live sign language interpretation via an app and in 2 minutes there was an interpreter in Ukrainian sign language and we understood that the lady’s daughter was waiting for her in Germany and she was trying to get transportation there….. That evening she was on her way to her daughter.”

Read the Forbes article.

Accessibility of Ichilov Hospital in Israel:

Attached information on our assistance to the deaf in Ukraine to immigrate to Israel during the war:

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Translation into sign language

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