How will you know that your home is accessible?

How will you know that your home is accessible to accommodate a person with a disability or an elderly person?

Thank you for agreeing to host people with disabilities and the elderly in your home during a state of war.

To know if your home is tailored to the needs of your guests, you should check some information and pass it on to them.

In this item, we have prepared a basic test form for you that will allow a description of accessibility in the home.

The questions on the test form include accessibility for people with physical disabilities, hearing, sight, communication and more.

Therefore, there are diverse questions that describe different types of accessibility.

The form is the basis for coordinating expectations, but the sequel includes a conversation and understanding that the accommodation conditions are indeed suitable for everyone.

For a person with a disability the most accessible home is usually his own home, but in time of war there is no choice, and he must vacate, the options are limited, so any opening of an accessible host home is welcome.

Below is a basic test form for describing accessibility in a private home.

Information for Accessible Accommodation for People with Disabilities

  1. House/apartment building /room- number of rooms ___
  2.  For How many people _________
  • How many adults _________ 
  • How many children________ 
  • Pets – what kind? ________
  1. Is there a lot of noise?
  2. Inside or outside of the city?
  3. Parking? yes / no

Minimum Measurements for wheelchair user

  • Entrance wide= 75 cm
  • Turning space size = 150*200 cm
  • Elevator size= 75*120 cm for large wheelchairs = 80/130 cm Height (bed/toilet) = 45/50 cm

6. Entrance Stairs? yes / no

  • Stairways railing? Yes / no
  • Number of stairs? ____
  • Building entrance width (cm) _____
  • Ramp? yes/no, Width? ____, Which floor? ______
  • Elevator? yes/no , Door width(cm)? ____Length(cm)? _____

7. House Entrance door width(cm)? _____

  • Stairs inside the house? yes/no? 
  • stairway handrail? yes/no?
  • Number of stairs? ____

8. Sleeping Rooms entrance width (cm)? ______

9. Bed height(cm)? ______

  • Bed size? double/single
  • Is there a Space around the bed to move with a wheelchair – at least 100 cm? yes/no
  • Please measure (cm)? ______
  • Is it possible to move the bed? yes/no 

10. Bathroom – suitable for wheelchair user? (wide bathroom) yes/no *add measurements if possible __

  • bathrooms entrance width (cm)? ______ 
  • Toilet seat height(cm) _____
  • Shower / bathtub
  • Floor free space size?

11. Do you speak sing language?

12. Do you have writing communication option? Which one? 

13. Can you assist your guest if needed?

Please Add photos and make a video with description of the accommodation

  • Building Entrance
  • stairs
  • Door
  • Room
  • Bathroom

Checklist file for download

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How will you know that your home is accessible?