Evacuation of a woman from Kharkiv

Our volunteers evacuated a 55-year-old bedridden woman from Kharkiv who had not left her house for 13 years. All she had were her belongings and her cat. On the train to Lviv she met a lonely, elderly man whom we helped too. The woman was taken to Poland and the man to Germany.

56 people were taken out of Mariupol

56 people were taken out of Mariupol, mostly orphans and seniors whose relatives were involved in defending Mariupol and the Azovstal. Our partners managed took them to Kyiv, then to Lviv by train and finally to Bulgaria by bus.

Rescue of an elderly woman to Germany

A 90-year old bedridden woman who we were able to send to Germany. Our volunteers found an ambulance that took her from Lviv to Germany, where she is safe and cared for.

Rescue of an amputee on a wheelchair from Berdyansk

An amputee on a wheelchair from Berdyansk was brought to Poland by volunteers with nothing but his Ukrainian passport. He lived in a nursing home in Berdyansk, but was discharged after expressing his pro-Ukrainian position, left to die on the street. Our volunteers brought him to Zaporizhzhia, then to Lviv and finally to Poland. Ukrainian […]

Humanitarian rescue for an elderly woman from Stary Saltov

A 73-year-old woman from Stary Saltov (a district near Kharkiv), currently occupied by the Russians. After two weeks under occupation, without proper food and conditions, our volunteers managed to get her out. She was in a terrible state; exhausted and unable to move independently. We brought her to the hospital in Kharkiv to recover and […]

Family rescue from occupied territory

We helped a woman and her children get out of the occupied territory following constant bombardments and after her house was occupied by Russian troops. They all suffer from shell shock and psychological trauma. The Russians’ use of chemical agents caused a severe ear infection in the baby who is now deaf and in need […]